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About Us
Longwood Software provides Web-based software for Marketing and Sales departments within manufacturing, consumer goods, business services, and high-technology companies. Longwood's current products are RevBase and ForFile. RevBase and ForFile are 100% developed, hosted, and supported in the USA. The company is privately owned; was founded in 1997; and is based in Acton, Massachusetts, a technology hub west of Boston.
Longwood Software’s customers have access to comprehensive functionality at an affordable price, and are up-and-running in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. Providing solutions for marketing asset management is all we do, and we handle all of the support and infrastructure tasks behind the scenes so our customers can focus on customer-facing, high-value-added activities.
Company Mission
"Our company is about marketers: their effectiveness, their productivity, their satisfaction, their stature in the organization -- all of that. Today that means using the web to arm Sales, inform and identify prospects, collaborate with suppliers, and support decision-making. This all starts with an accurate, complete, up-to-date, web-accessible repository of their work: a Marketing Asset Management system. Without one, marketers can't step into the new era of Marketing. Our job is to make sure they have one, and to pave the path to new levels of productivity and effectiveness."
Scott Richardson, President and Co-Founder
Company Purpose
  • Longwood Software's purpose is to empower marketing professionals so that they spend less time on manual tasks and more time creating effective programs and acquiring new customers. We provide software-as-a-service solutions that help marketers manage essential data, automate routine activities, and communicate effectively with key audiences including sales teams.
  • We are in business to assist marketers in re-inventing, streamlining and managing their operations such that they thrive in the era of electronic marketing.
  • We focus on Marketing, Marketing Communication, and Sales departments in medium to large companies across a range of manufacturing and service industries on a global basis.